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Leasing with Color Europe

In collaboration with Grenke Leasing, we offer our business customers the opportunity to lease equipment.
With leasing, you get the opportunity to make money on your equipment while paying your leasing deal in smaller chunks.
Typically, our customers choose a leasing period of 36 months, but you can choose between 15, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.

The lease agreement may include financing of:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Consumables at first purchase of equipment (Can only be made when purchased with machine)
  • Service hours in connection with installation and setup

How does leasing work?

When leasing, the equipment is purchased by the financing company (Grenke Leasing), which then makes it available to the user (you) on agreed terms. Leasing is equated with purchases in accounting. This means that the investment must be entered in your balance sheet and accounted for in accordance with your normal depreciation principles. When the lease expires, you as the lessee must choose whether you want to either let the equipment return to the finance company or keep the equipment in exchange for typically paying 5% of the lease total original price. From a tax point of view, the lease payments are deducted on an ongoing basis over the term of the agreement.

Benefits of Leasing?

  • You save tax because you can deduct the full amount from the lease in tax.
  • You retain their liquidity and independence.
  • Your equity is not reduced and your credit margin in the bank remains.
  • You can make higher investments and get ahead of your competitors.
  • Based on fixed interest rates, you can make long-term calculations over a specific period.

Examples of lease payments for different amounts.

Your purchase For leasing for 36 months. *
15.000,- 447,- EUR
30.000,- 894,- EUR
40.000,- 1.192,- EUR
50.000,- 1.490,- EUR
75.000,- 2.235,- EUR
100.000,- 2.980,- EUR
* example is based on a variable interest rate, without increased initial payment. The interest rate is variable, so the benefit is only determined by the final leasing agreement offer.
Prices are ex VAT

Other expenses:

  • Residual value 5%.

Warranty, and Maintenance?

Even if you lease your equipment, you are covered by the manufacturers' factory warranty, just as if you had bought the equipment. You are responsible for the general maintenance of the equipment during the leasing period, even in the event of a need for repair that is not covered by the warranty.

Do you want to know more?

If you need more information about leasing, you are always welcome to contact us. Final leasing offer requires credit approval with Grenke Leasing.
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